1. Include generations in family gatherings, events, celebrations, instead of just the children and siblings.
  2. Create a day or days every month to have a meetup day for elderly to meet youngsters and vice versa.
  3. Invite grandchildren to visit with their grandparents and see what it is like to be older, what care do they need? How care is given? How choices are made etc
  4. Make Healthy aging a part of school curriculum, introduce it as part of self care and redesign the thinking processes in our societies. If done, then senior living will be an extension of that educational empowerment.
  5. Maybe a collection of recipes or stories by young and older can be part of a senior living fundraiser!
  6. Including children to come visit a senior living and be read to by a senior can help alleviate
  1. Experiences do count, storytelling by seniors to a group of voracious listeners ( children ) can be fantasy, fun and fundamental to their growth and development.
  2. Health is wealth, having health fairs at senior living community can bridge generational gaps and create curiosity and instill an interest in the world of healthcare as a career too.
  3. Mutually beneficial projects , like working together with children and seniors to cook, bake or even decorate a Christmas tree together can bring such joy to all.
  4. Continual improvement, feedback and including skill building is important for a great relationship.



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