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If you know someone who struggles with bladder and bowel problems, consider reading this article, by Dr. Purnima Sreenivasan, to help understand more about ways to improve the quality of life of others!

Enjoy our most recent wisdom from our founder, Dr. Purnima Sreenivasan, “Five Things to Be Aware of as an Elderly Family Member’s Health Declines”! These are what to be aware of as a family member’s mental health declines.

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Hospitalizations, morbidities, and rehospitalizations are many times unavoidable. They take a toll on the aged’s life, people, and family helping them including healthcare professionals. Sometimes or many times, they are life-altering situations. What are the things to consider? …

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Health care comes in all sizes, packages, knowledge. Health care however differs in care, in this case, geriatric care in different settings.

Geriatric medicine or care in an assisted living is very much differently approached, seen, or carried out than in skilled nursing or home-based care.

In the first of…

Bereavement is never easy. Bereavement can last … not all bereavement is depression or anxiety. Humans sometimes can let go easily and sometimes not so. We are each in our own time cycle. The feelings can be as varied as the spectrum of light. No one is right and no…

Visit our website to learn more about working at home while caring for the elderly with cognitive challenges. This is a reality for most of us during this time. Read more about what you can do to relieve stress and explore some of your options.

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